Thursday, July 10, 2008

Express Checkout: Exploding Heads, Plastic Surgery Disasters and Past Due Pop Stars

  • You remember I wrote about Brigitte Nielsen and her reality show addiction? Little did I know that on Sunday she was on yet another reality show, this time a four parter in Germany called Aus Alt Mach Neu, which is following her plastic surgery. Part of me thinks that going under the knife on camera is slightly more shameful than going to rehab, and I don't know why.

  • They are remaking Scanners now. Why? It features one of the most widely known (and gruesome) scenes in paranormal cinema, and someone hopes to better that? Yeah... whoever has that unenviable task, just remember that above scene... because you are the one sitting on the right, not Michael Ironside in this equation.

  • Two musical acts the world shouldn't be subjected to anymore as performers are teaming up for a tour that no one asked for. That's right, prepare to be assaulted by a Michael Jackson and The New Kids on the Block. I could make a joke about the respective groupies each desperately wants or how one little plane crash would make the world a better place, but I think I will take the high road on this one.


elgringo said...

Remaking Scanners? Why? That scene still holds up. And that scene is the only reason I watch Scanners!

Diesel said...

Somehow I've managed to never see Scanners. And now I'm married, so it's pretty much never going to happen.

Lee said...

That's not good news about Scanners, what's next a new Trancers?!?

MC said...

elgringo: That scene is so pivotal to the movie that it basically is the trailer for it as well. I swear... I watched it on Youtube, and it is.

Diesel: Well, you could make a deal that you will watch something objectionable with your lovely wife... but if you made such a deal, I'd opt for a better movie in return than Scanners.

Lee: Shhh.. don't give them there producers any ideas.

Lee said...

Yeah those idiots have dry hair (is that right, I'm certain wet hair was good).

Adamgv said...

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