Thursday, May 08, 2008

Express Checkout: Grand Non-Payment Auto, A Tale of Two Mummys and the Gum-besmirched German

  • Apparently Rockstar Games has shafted a band whose music appears in Grand Theft Auto IV. Leeway, a New York based hardcore outfit made an agreement with Rockstar to have some of their songs featured in GTA IV for the princely sum of $2500 dollars to be paid within 60 days of the agreement being signed in late 2007. And let me subtract that from the gross sales figures for the game over the past week or so. Hmmm. Seems that there is still half a billion dollars here. Yeah, something isn't right here. For a long time, I've defended Rockstar and their work, but IF this story is true, and the band doesn't get paid, well, I will be very disappointed in the company, because I expect better from them on this particular issue because music is such a huge part of the Grand Theft Auto experience.

  • You know, Rob Cohen is making himself look bad by talking about Rachel Weisz skipping the third installment of The Mummy. It is her prerogative if she wants to do a movie or not. She is a mother with a young child and has said that she didn't want to work in China for 5 months with a toddler. Did he ever consider the reason that Rachel Weisz didn't want to appear in the third Mummy movie is because she didn't want to work with him based on his reputation? Is that remotely possible? And his claim that the reason she didn't want to make the movie was simply because she would have a 21 year old son and she thought that wasn't appropriate(not his words), bears some scrutiny. I mean, why would a 37 year old actress not want to play the mother of an adult character. But again, I stress that as a performer, she can take or refuse any project she wants, especially if it is an ad hoc sequel.

  • Remember that Uwe Boll petition I wrote about a few weeks back... a petition that some of you dig and some of you don't. Well, turns out that the makers of Stride gum have pledged to donate a million packs of gum if the petition hits a million signatures by May 14th. Given the fact that the petition only has just over a quarter of that now, I think it was a rather safe bet on their part, especially since the man who started the petition has stated that it had more specific aims than indicated.


Semaj said...

I didn't like the fact that Rob Cohen decided to latch himself to a successful series. (Not a big fan of the second movie, but it was enjoyable.)

Cohen must be really be itching for a hit. Rachel Weisz would have been a welcome reprisal, but Cohen needs to shut up.

I'm going to go look for some interviews with him.

MC said...

I received an email from someone who thanked me for taking Rob Cohen to task for doing what he did. That was a nice perk.