Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My favorite football call this year

I laugh every time I watch this call. It pleases me.

And as an history lesson, here is where that call comes from.


Mayren said...

i love it! personal foul - #69 - offense - giving him the business.
that's funny! thanks Matt!

Semaj said...

Yeah, that was great. Good find on where it came from too.

The reaction from the crowd and the announcers was great.

MC said...

Mayren: The delivery is what really sells it for me.

Semaj: I wish I could take credit for finding the original... someone else did all the work... I just had to put the right term in, that's all.

grayflannelsuit said...

I remember watching the Jets/Bills game when the original call was made. Classic.

MC said...

I love the arm action in the original ruling... because it tells you EXACTLY what giving someone the business is.