Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A 24-related T-Shirt that got my Attention

As you know, I am not that political here at Culture Kills, but someone sent me something political that had some pop cultural juice to it to, so I knew I just had to run with it.

You see, my love for 24 is widely known, and as such, I guess someone wanted me to see their t-shirt design.

David Palmer is my favorite 24 character EVER so I think that is a kickass shirt. I don't know if Barack Obama is anything like the fictional David Palmer, but man, as a Canadian, I sort of want to find out now, even though I can't vote in 2008.


Semaj said...

He was one of my favorites as well.

Who knew the guy playing such a stupid character in both Major League movies would go on to be know as a powerful character?

A shame we wont see this character again

MC said...

I always thought that Dennis Haysbert should have had equal billing with Kiefer Sutherland.

Lee (I don't like how blogger does this now) said...

I've seen a couple of 'you don't know Jack' shirts that I've thought quite clever if I liked those types of shirts.

I'm a big fan of clever t-shirts but wouldn't probably ever wear any. I'm a complex guy LOL.