Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sesame Street DVD Deleted Scene: A Culture Kills Comic

Yeah... I was a demented little kid.

Sesame Street DVD Deleted Scene

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Jim Squires said...

I hate to correct you sir, but that was a bit made famous by The Electric Company. Example (featuring a sihloutted Morgan Freeman no less!);

MC said...

Allow me to retort:

Cookie Monster doing it
Telly doing it
The Two Headed Monster doing it.

And then there all all the word family/rhymes with skits.

I think I've proved my case.

Micgar said...

Was that one from the "Lost Tapes of Sesame Street-From Sesame to Sinsamilla"?

It's Me... Maven said...

Those were the days, though! Nowadays, t.v. programming for kids is nothing but Cuh-RAP!

Mayren said...

What is that? The one scene responsible for Samuel L Jackson and Bernie Mac's future famous vocabulary?

MC said...

Micgar: Actually it was from the tape Pryor to PBS: Breaking down Barriers in Children's Programming

Maven: Tell me about it. Dora the Explorer and Franklin and Blue's Clues oh my... god I am going to puke.

Mayren: That was from the episode that George Carlin guest-starred on after doing his 7 words you can't say on television bit.