Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The rest of 2007 is a No-Tour zone for the White Stripes

Last week, The White Stripes canceled their North American tour schedule, and today it was announced that their UK/European tour dates starting in October have also been canceled.

The reason that has been given is that Meg White is suffering from acute anxiety and cannot travel at this time. There are some accounts which say that she has acute anxiety about air travel at the moment.

Now, of all the reasons that celebrities have given for breaking commitments, this is one I can fully sympathize with. Anxiety disorders have a funny way of sneaking up on people and manifesting themselves in a variety of odd ways.

I've had some anxiety issues myself over the past decade and I know how crippling they can be, and it seems like Ms. White may be approaching the issue in a healthy way by not forcing herself into a potentially bad situation. I am sure that over the coming months she will slowly be able to find a way to deal with her disorder.

I wish Meg White a speedy recovery.


Bart said...

I would have guessed her anxiety stemmed from the realization that she's one of the worst set drummers in popular rock history.

MC said...


Micgar said...

Man I really like these two! I wish Meg luck in getting over this anxiety she's experiencing.
The cancelled shows began here in ABQ, NM! My friend was gonna go (and I was thinking about going too.)

MC said...

I heard that there are refunds for almost every show except the Austin City Limits festival because it is a multiartist show.

Micgar said...

MC at the time they announced it here, they left it open about it being postponed (like they would reschedule for a later date (this year) man that has to hurt! I know a lot people were looking forward to this tour. Do you think its the flight anxiety?

MC said...

If it's not, it is a rather good excuse, and certainly better than "exhaustion".