Thursday, September 20, 2007

The James Bond movie I wanted in 1999

I was going through some of my old emails, and I found something that I had almost totally forgotten about.

You see, after The World is Not Enough came out, I had some ideas about where I wanted the next movie in the James Bond franchise to go. I came up with a synopsis of the kind of movie I wanted to see before I had heard any of the casting or plot of Die Another Day.

Brosnan's James Bond would face off against a villain played by Kevin Spacey. In my mind, Spacey would have played an ambitious though slightly nerdish founder and CEO of a computer software company that was nearly ubiquitous because of some shady dealings and a near monopoly on a specific kind of software.

Spacey's character was super rich, one of the wealthiest men in the world, but he wanted more. So he planned on using weaponized satellites created covertly by the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia and China that he could seize control of because his software ran on each of those systems, to try to quickly melt the polar ice caps and destroy a quite a few of the major financial centers of the Western World to make a fortune from the disaster as he would have invested his vast fortunes in the market and sold short the shares of countless companies and then using those profits, buying those same companies and as a result, he would become so powerful that no government could stop him.

He would in essence rule the world.

Of course, Bond would stop him with the help of a CIA-trained female hacker, resulting in Spacey's hideout/lair being destroyed after the satellite coordinates are altered from the ice caps to the command centre where those orders originated from. Bond, being the trickster he is, would naturally escape with the girl and get caught by Q at some inopportune time, giving the movie a laugh at the end.

Looking back on it now, I sort of predicted the following:

The use of space-based lasers to melt ice in Die Another Day
The idea that a group would use disasters that they planned to make money on the stock market in Casino Royale
Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor and the film-within-a-film version of Dr. Evil.

And while I think Daniel Craig is stellar as Bond, I still think my Bond film idea would have been kickass. At least it couldn't have been worse than Die Another Day.

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