Thursday, July 12, 2007

A great little Guitar Ditty

I wish I could buy this guy's cd. He is an amazing player.

They describe the video at the site as a Guitar Played like a Piano... but I don't think that does the clip justice really. I've been listening to it for days. I just love it so much.


Micgar said...

Wow! That is great! As a guitar player, I find this kind of stuff really interesting! His technique is amazing! I have seen guys like Stanley Jordan and of course EVH, Randy Rhoads et al., but those guys tapped on the guitar neck in a more "traditional" manner. This guy does tap on the guitar neck like a piano KB. Yes, that descrip. alone doesn't do the sounds, tone, and proficiency any justice. Thanks for posting this. There is a guy on that has vids posted on YouTube that can play with his feet (he doesn't have any arms) have you seen that guy! Amazing too! And there is also a guy that plays with a teaspoon in his mouth as a slide! Sorry i dont know how to leave a link so i cant put the link on!

MC said...

I was going to wait until Sunday to post it, but it was too good to wait.