Thursday, May 10, 2007

3 Great Phone Pranks

I love a good phone prank, especially when the parties on both ends of the phone seem to be enjoying the experience at some point. These are just three of the great ones I've seen or heard.

Wanda Sykes calling a towing company complaining that there is a turd on the backseat was the gold standard of this kind of thing. It started slow, and then just built into a comedy classic.

Little Becky tries to get her school demolished. It is cute because you know that the people who took the call probably made a call like this when they were kids too. Calvin would be proud of this call.

Timmy B tries to reserve a hotel room posing as an East Indian man. Part of me wonders if the two parties know each other, because at one point, it sounds like they are both dying of laughing. Yes, it is a little bit racist, I admit it, but it is so damn funny, because I could see myself having the same reaction that the receptionist had upon receiving that call.

Have you seen or heard any great prank calls like these that you feel comfortable sharing?


Karl said...

Ha, good stuff.

MC said...

I am imagining what would have happened to Little Becky if that had been the states.

Variant E said...

Sometimes you don't even need the prank. We were interviewing an East Indian fellow for a technical computer job and one of the requirements was for experience in "back end proccessing" and well I guess the translation didn't work well and he thought that meant can imagine how that conversation went. We had to take turns because we couldn't contain the gut wrenching laughter.

MC said...

Was he laughing too?

layercake said...

Wanda Sykes; The only reason to spend two hours of your life watching Monster In Law.

MC said...

Wanda Sykes is the sole reason to watch a lot of things really.