Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Warner Pictures was right about Canada for once

There was recently news that Time Warner would no longer be doing preview screenings in Canada because our laws are very lax in some areas... like it isn't against the law to take a camcorder into a theatre to record a movie.

And for once, I am actually agreeing with the studios on this. Our laws in this one particular area should indeed be strengthened.

Most of the demands that movie and music studios make generally go overboard, but I think it is reasonable for the studios to be upset about this particular practice. I mean, I didn't know that people were apparently taking video cameras into theatres in full view of movie theatre staff, so these pirates were being brazen about the whole thing. That is what makes it so troubling to me.

So yes, I would be willing to tell my member of parliament that I would support closing this particular loophole and I believe Warner Pictures' actions are entirely fair based on the circumstances. But I hope our government doesn't implement overly draconian measures because, as we have seen in the United States with the laws the MPAA and RIAA advocate, the trade organizations don't have consumer's best interests at heart either and will lobby for as much power and control over their product as they can.

So my advice to the leaders of my country is take a Buddhist approach. Chart the middle way. There is a reasonable compromise to be made between protecting intellectual property and invidual liberty and consumer's rights.


Mayren said...

you funny Canadians

Diesel said...

It should be illegal to show movies in Canada. Period.

MC said...

mayren: Well, our former citizenry does make up a substantial part of your entertainment elite... the plan to take over the world is working beautifully... but I've said too much.

Diesel: Just because we have good uncut movies on our national broadcast network is no reason to get jealous.

Paul Gorbould said...

According to Michael Geist the United States has been listed as the world's leading source of pirated movies - 43% of them, according to the MPAA, to 20% from Canada. Some 20-40% of that being filmed in New York City alone. I wonder if they'll stop screenings in NYC?

Anyhow, it looks like Canadian law is going to change since the government and opposition both seem to support the industry. Seems misdirected, given that "cammed" recordings are really crappy compared to ripped DVDs.

MC said...

Paul, you know I am not one of those anti-piracy zealots... but I just think that no camcorders in the theatre is fair, no matter how big of a problem it really is.