Thursday, April 19, 2007

The World's Shittiest Mixtape.... NOT!

College Humor once again gave me something to ponder. Two guys made a bet about who could make, and I quote "the world's shittiest mixtape", with the loser having to carry a boombox blasting out the entire contents of the contest.

And while I do admire the fact that the loser did go out of the street with a big boombox for the after losing, I think that both contestants could have done so much more with the challenge.

I mean, in actuality, I would call what they ended up making at best a lame mixtape, because really, the barrel has so much more crap at the bottom of it and neither party got even close to scraping said bottom.

Paula Cole? Sixpence None the richer? Gloria Estefan? Really... this is the best they could come up with? The whole point of the exercise was not only did the songs have to be bad, but they had to be really embarrassing to be associated with.

Get some polka on that thing... some Tiny Tim, or some really weird found music. There was a lot of ways they could have made a horrifyingly shitty mixtape, and I just think they copped out.

When I started watching the video, I thought something like YMCA by the Village People would pop up or anything disco really. Or what about this. It looked like late summer/early autumn... why not Jingle Bells as performed by dogs. And the world of covers alone could have won that contest. The possibilities seem endless, but the execution was weak.

So, what would you have put on the world's shittiest mixtape?


It's Me... Maven said...

Tiny Tim, definitely!
William Hung (that American Idol reject)
Some South Indian Carnatic music (to an untrained ear it sounds like cats skreetching)
Some trippy Yoko Ono tunes
And lastly, if I could find just the audio of this, I'd add that, too!

Chris said...

I dunno, I think simply filling a tape with the weirdest crap possible is easy. Seems what they were going for was a mix tape full of truly lame/mediocre songs that might be found on the mix tape of any dork freshman at your school. The kind of music that a ton of people are into, and you can't figure out why.

MC said...

Maven: Oh, how could I have forgotten about Yoko Ono.

Chris: That's why I suggested the embarassment factor and a song like YMCA... which was a popular song.