Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Those simple pleasures

There are times when something so simple can bring so much joy to your life: seeing a celebrity fall on their ass, watching Ann Coulter getting freaked out by pastry and frozen shepherd's pie. Lollipops and butter are purely optional of course.

Today, I found another one of those joys. While I know won't win in the categories I am nominated in at the Blogger's Choice Awards, I am beating looks like a shoo-in for most obnoxious blogger by over 250 votes) in both categories, and I am beating USA Today's Pop Candy?!?!

I mean, I had to document at least part of that... because I have a feeling that it may change down the stretch, and I will have something to refer to later.

There is no shame in losing the award to Boing Boing, PostSecret or The Superficial, but making the cut above those two other heavyweights in my area... makes me feel damn good.


Semaj said...

That was great, seeing Anne do a matrix move to avoid the flying pie.

Thanks, that made my day

MC said...

I think she deserved some scorn.

Game Empire 40k Campaign said...

MC your so cute !

MC said...

dat you mayren?

DutchBitch said...

Alright baby!!! Kick their butts!

MC said...