Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Landlord Vs. Little Seinfeld

A few weeks ago, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay set up a comedy video website called Funny or Die, which has an American Idol feel to it. People submit videos, and if people really don't like them, well, they can basically vote them into a specific area of the site where they will receive very little traffic(though with enough votes, they may be able to come back to the main site.

The video that has been circulating most recently is a little digital video starring the founders of the site called The Landlord, which I admit was funny and surprising.

No, there was another video there that really caught my attention. Someone put together a little something called Young Seinfeld, and even though it doesn't make sense in terms of chronology, it is still pretty damn funny, especially if you are really familiar with the show.

And the online piracy PSA is great too.

Check them all out.

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