Monday, February 05, 2007

I think Uwe Boll has finally found his level

I have attacked Uwe Boll, the less than acclaimed director of numerous video game based movies like House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark and Bloodrayne, but I think his next project might end up being a watershed moment for him as a director.

Instead of trying to do a serious version of a video game as film which would ultimately end up as just another streaming pile of crap in his hands, he has taken the rather broad, disgusting and tasteless humor of the Postal series(NSFW) to the big screen as a real B-movie, Troma-style.

Trailer 1-Warning: Dave Foley + Near Nudity in this clip
Trailer 2

It still looks pretty bad mind you, but it is more because it is being filmed to be that way, in a so bad its good kind of way. Uwe Boll isn't Lloyd Kaufman, but at least he isn't taking himself so seriously now, and that is a step in the right direction. But the trailers do tell you the words that are going to be used in the reviews of the movie again and again-- offensive, disgusting, retarded/stupid.

Put it this way: I still wouldn't want to see it.


Becca said...

Uwe Boll is such an idiot. Oh and you should probably warn people about the sudden Dave Foley near that freaked me out.

Poor Dave Foley! He has to be in a Uwe Boll movie?

Semaj said...

I have to agree, I'll never see it.

I do like that he knows pretty much everyone in the world hates him. He's the K-Fed of movies.

MC said...

Becca: Duly noted and updated.

Semaj: Postal is one of those games that comes to mind whenever someone says that GTA is a murder simulator, so even if David Fincher or someone like that was directing it, I still don't think I'd see it, but the fact that it is Uwe "Weevil" Boll makes it an even harder sell for me.