Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Burning Question: Make one movie/series disappear

After yesterday's post, I began to think about what movies I would completely blot out from existence and make it so it had never been made. Quite a few naturally sprang to mind(Battlefield: Earth, Freddy Got Fingered), but one has so scarred not only me, but the entire world that I feel that someone should go back in time and destroy the prints before it is shown to another human being.

I am of course talking about 1978's Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Now I could just wail on that movie for 2000 words, and bore you all to death, but I'd rather let the folks at Rotten Tomatoes do it for me. I will just say this- Peter Frampton and the Bee Gees are not the Beatles and George Burns should never ever sing.

And it was this line of self-inquiry that brought about the Burning question: If you could go back in time and destroy a movie or even a movie series so that it never existed, what would it be?

I mean, Disney made Song of the South disappear(Yikes!) from the face of the earth, so why shouldn't you be able to make a film or film series disappear too?


Mr. Fabulous said...

Wow...I could have gone my whole life without being reminded of that damn movie LOL

Diesel said...

Batman and Robin is probably the worst big budget action movie that I've ever seen, and it almost single-handedly killed the whole Batman Franchise. But since they did recover nicely with Batman Begins, I'm going to have to go with Highlander 2. They're STILL trying to pick up the pieces from that one.

MC said...

Diesel: Good choice. How many versions of that have they made now. Is it 6?

Mr. Fab: It was going to get back you you eventually... you couldn't escape it forever.

Becca said...

Frampton...ugh he so horrible in this movie, but I must admit there is something oddly hynotic about this horrible, horrible movie. I dare anyone to start watching and turn it off. The BeeGees and Donald Plesance totally rock in this thing tho. I'm almost afraid to admit I own the soundtrack to this.

As far as deleting a movie or franchise from existence I wish we could get rid of all the Hellraisers after 2 and League of Extraordinary Gentleman...the men who made those movies should be punished, harshly.

MC said...

How could I forget about the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen... *shudder*

Jess said...

Oh, man...Sgt. Pepper was a travesty. Who were the geniuses behind that one?

I think I'd go back and erase the Star Wars prequels. They're not the worst movies I've ever seen, but I think I enjoyed Star Wars more before I saw them.

Oh, and the Matrix sequels could use a good purging, too.

MC said...

Oh yes, those pesky Matrix sequels... though they did inspire one of my favorite Will Ferrell bits