Sunday, January 14, 2007

Theatre of the Absurd: A Culture Kills Comic

Special thanks to the good folks at Strip Generator for providing such easy to use tools for a non-artist like me.

Theatre of the Absurd

I guess I am getting more verbose in my old age.


Mayren said...

background bunny signature in the strip is awesome... it's like finding easter eggs. *smiles* .. the comic itself... well ... "i guess i didn't get it"

Cat said...

I love those generators. I'm not funny enough to make one up myself though.

Happy C&C Monday to you!

MC said...

mayren: Well, you still found something funny about it. And I admit that I do make a dud or two myself. They can't all be winners.

Cat: I am sure you are funny enough to do something ;) I am just afraid of Fab getting in on the act too.