Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ook, Ook, Splat, Splat- A Culture Kills Comic

On my last comic, two of the guys over at StripGenerator said that they wished I would do more comics every week... and maybe I will.

Ook, Ook, Splat, Splat


Becca said...

Beautiful! You can never go wrong with gratuitous shit flinging.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Am I supposed to be wearing pants all the time?

MC said...

mr. fab: I saw you go after that banana, so maybe you have an exemption.

becca: especially if it is aimed at your enemies. Ook, Ook.

Mayren said...

ain't it the truth? we usually do only respond to others throwing sh$@# at us.
how sad we are.

MC said...

frowning is usually your final facial expression after getting hit by some shit, so yes, it is appropriate.