Thursday, December 14, 2006

Zombie Paris Hilton

After viewing a controversial featured video on Youtube (wow, sarcasm on sarcasm, oh the humanity), I decided to go through their other videos and I discovered a hidden gem from Halloween that concerns two things that this blog is built upon... zombies and pop culture icons... so I present you with Zombie Paris Hilton.

Do you love it?!?

BTW, after watching the sarcasm video, you should check out how she deals with her attackers... she's a clever one, and a little surprising.


Paperlilies said...

haha! yeah tha paperlilies, she's soooo cool ;)

Diesel said...

I can't believe how stupid she is. She doesn't even get that the people "making fun of her" are just deliberately perpetuating her own joke. Or maybe she does get it. Brilliant! Or stupid, I'm not sure.

MC said...

Paperlilies: I just had a CSS-Alala flashback there.

Diesel: Internet irony sometimes escapes me as well.

j said...


MC said...

Indeed I thought so ;)