Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Noah K takes some more photos of himself

At the end of August 2006, a photo montage created by Noah Kalina posted a little video which he had created by taking a picture of himself every day for 6 years, and personally, I thought that was going to be the end of that story... just one Youtube phenomenon amongst many.

And then I came across some more photos by Noah... but this time he was accompanied by celebrities while he was still keeping the same neutral expression.

And it is a wide spectrum of celebrity at that, though there does tend to be a reality show thread to many of them. Paris Hilton, Joey Lawrence, Weird Al, Jenna Jameson, and The King all make appearances in the photos, though I have to say the one that is probably the most significant is the photo featuring him and the woman formerly known only as Lonelygirl15, another of the huge Youtube phenoms. It is like a nexus of online video popularity, and I think that is why that one seems so iconic. Check them all out.


Anita said...

I wonder if this guy is making any money now as a result of his video. It's really an amazing feat.

D. Prince said...

The Lonelygirl15 picture was the one that jumped out at me the most as well.
I like when unknowns become known.
It seems to happen more now than ever before.

MC said...

anita: Well, from one of the referrals I am getting from this article now, I learned that he took those pictures for a VH1 special, so he may be making some cash. The scary thought to me is, he started his project when high speed internet access wasn't as prevalent as it is now and there was no youtube back then... like he knew all this was coming way back when.

D. Prince: Blessed is the internet! I wonder how long both of their 15 minutes of fame is going to be though.

carrie said...

hm. interesting.

Diesel said...

Have you seen the one where the guy takes a pic of himself every day for a year? He was probably copying this guy. It starts pretty much the same, but then he starts having adventures (gets robbed, chases down the thief, etc.). I'd post the link if I had any idea how to find it.

BTW, please consider this for your transmundane contest. I'm not sure if it's weird enough, but it's my best shot so far.

MC said...

Carrie: Coming from you who has made the individual photo a hallmark of your blogging experience, I think that is high praise indeed.

Diesel: Consider it under observation.