Thursday, December 28, 2006

Odd Stumbleupon finds:December Edition

Yes, it has come to this... a link list. We will be returning to our regularly scheduled programming soon, but for the moment, a link list seems appropriate. Of course, my title does reveal that I do plan on doing this little feature a few more times at least.

Onward and upward so to speak:

Where are the toons now? featuring Speedy Gonzalez

Popular Science's list of their 20 most favorite television/movie nerds of all-time

What Code doesn't do (but does in the movies)

And finally, that's one Giant Pink Rabbit!


Mr. Fabulous said...

That WAS a big rabbit.

I think looking at that picture rendered me impotent.

Diesel said...

The funny thing is, the rabbit is only visible from the air. Nobody knew it was there until they invented dirigibles.

That site about the programming myths was dead on. I always wonder when I see the kind of pseudo-computerese junk that makes it into movies whether movies are that inaccurate about police procedure or medicine or everything else where I can't tell how much of it is bullsh*t.

MC said...

Mr. Fab: So you can't pull a rabbit out of the hat anymore?

Diesel: I remember watching an E! True Hollywood Story or other such program about Forensic Science and they were talking to real criminalists and the basic sentiment about CSI as reality as "They share the same name as us and that's about the end of the similarities".

AG said...

Frylock on the geek list. Yeah, life is good.

MC said...

I am glad they respected Real Genius.