Tuesday, November 21, 2006

One potato, two potato, three potato, Four...

There are many memorable firsts a blog goes through... first post, first comment, first podcast and over the weekend, Culture Kills has one of those odd first that I just had to share with you all.

I got my first press release.

Normally my cynical self would have been a little wary about disclosing that or discussing the contents of such an item, but because it involved three things that made it sort of unique and fitting with this blog and my tastes, I decided to discuss it.

You see, I've been told that a giant inflated yet rather fit Mr. Potato Head is going to be floating over Manhattan on Thursday for some sort of special parade for some American holiday called Thanksgiving. And because I love a) spectacle b) Mr. Potato Head and c) potatoes in general, well, it was something I thought I would just mention.

I mean, I think the spectacle goes without saying... there are probably believers in the Cargo Cult that, if they saw a giant floating Mr. Potato Head wearing an MP3 player floating in the sky who would take that as a sign of great things to come. Though granted, they wouldn't understand how they ended up in NYC, but I guess that is another story.

And Mr. Potato Head... well, I grew up with it, and it still represents the best trainer for budding plastic surgeons and photoshoppers, not to mention budding young film makers and critiquers of corporate culture.

I also love potatoes with a passion, and I've consumed them in so many forms: mashed, boiled, baked, in perogies, made into a pancake, converted into a clear alcoholic liquid (and yes, I've had this conversation before... many times without prompting as a few of my readers can attest to). So I visit the site in the press release and there are recipes for things I had never considered... like using potato wedges instead of corn chips to make a nacho-like dish.

Of course, nearly everything I've written in this post was at best tangential to anything in that press release, as I didn't really discuss any of the points that were made in the release. Instead, it was sort of like a jumping off point for me to just dive into the subjects at hand. You can see the press release I was working from in pdf form just to see how off-topic this post really is. It is amazing that even when trying to get someone else's message out, these posts still come down to me.

And interestingly enough, I recognized the name of the person who sent me the release from a few months ago when I was looking for bands to interview for this blog. It is a really small world.


jimmycanuck said...


How did they contact you??

I can't wait for my first press release. I'll feel like such a big boy. :)

MC said...

I received an email from a representative at a PR company.