Monday, July 03, 2006

Thinking of Doing Something a Little Different

The past couple of days, I was thinking about doing something a little different every once in a while. You see, it had occurred to me that I like a lot of smaller acts on Myspace and, and I wouldn't mind interviewing a few of them by email if I had the chance. Of course, it would require a bit of work on my part, and my experience with such matters leads me to believe that it would be slow going at first, which is why I am not try to push myself to make it a weekly or biweekly thing at the moment.

Do you think that would be a distraction from this pop cultural/entertainment wonderland, or is that something you would mind seeing? I am just asking my readers opinions because I am still mulling this over and I thought I'd like to know what you all thought about the matter.

I am also willing to take suggestions as to bands you know that may be interested in such exposure if this gets off the ground. I would have to like what they are doing however, so that could be my biggest problem.


D. Prince said...

I'd love it! Actually, I'd probably read anything you chose to write but I do love music.

MC said...

Well, I haven't found a band just yet... but I will... and if it is anything like my blog rentals, I can sell other bands on the idea after I've done it the first time.

Jeremy Barker said...

Go for it - you can't go wrong with original content. Be a tastemaker and others will follow.

MC said...

Yes, original content is king. How is that situation coming along BTW?