Sunday, October 22, 2006

Alley Oof: A Culture Kills Comic

Synthesized through the wonder of Strip Generator.

Alley Oof

Maybe not as funny as some of my other ones, but perhaps a little cutting... to my own personality at least.


niteowl said...

I think it's one of your best comics yet. Then again, I dig cutting and sarcastic humor.

TJ said...

I'm offended. Being pretentious and ironic is what keeps me sane.

Sebastien said...

Love it! Nothing can top shows about Latvian soapstone carving. Nothing.

MC said...

niteowl: there was a workplace where I was the king of the burn.

tj: I thought it was the chemistry tj, the chemistry.

sebastien: well, I am sure the estonian soapstone carvers would disagree. ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the green tartan backdrop!

You can make more comics and pics on

MC said...

Thanks for the tip.