Monday, October 23, 2006

I have faith in Seneca Wallace

This is one of those rare purely sports-oriented entries, so if American Football isn't your thing, you've been warned.

I've followed the career of Seneca Wallace ever since he was the starter at Iowa State (as for some strange reason not attached to geography, I am a Cyclones fan), and I've seen him do some amazing things on the field... amazing isn't the word... spectacular is more like it, and yesterday after 4 years of waiting, he was called upon to take over in the huddle for the Seahawks after Matt Hasselback went down. Yes, he ultimately failed in his baptism of fire, but I have faith that he will find some success starting for Seattle for however long that is. Most QB's are shaky in their first game, but most shake the bugs out sooner than later.

I know he is many years since that game, that play, that run, and that struggle for the Heisman but some things are like riding a bike, and I do believe he has the strength of character to pull this off. And if Alexander comes back in two weeks, well, then things should be just fine.


Paul B said...

This week was really harsh with injuries in the NFL. I've now lost both of my starting QB's for my fantasy squads...Green and Hass.

MC said...

I sympathize as I have Hass in one, and Alexander in two leagues.