Friday, July 14, 2006

You Know, I Really Should Have Said This Earlier

To everyone that reads and/or posts regularly here, I just have to say that you are what makes doing this so much fun and such a fulfilling activity for me. That's why from almost day one at Culture Kills, I've called the comments 'contributions'.

When I left my previous blog a few months ago (OK, left isn't the right word... I am a more like a refugee from the previous site I used to blog at), I didn't know what to expect out of my blogging life, and part of me was a little scared to start all over again, because it is so easy to get discouraged when you are trying to get a new blog off the ground. I mean, I had hidden the fact that I was Canadian for expediency when I was at the other place, because I could see the problems I may have had if I had revealed that.

I just didn't want to feel the same kind of anger and frustration that I ended up feeling over there... and you know what, everything has been really copacetic to the creative process. There is no drama, there is no politics and there is no petty stuff getting in the way of the amusement, the mockery or the entertainment. I say some really mean things about celebrities and the like, and generally, no one cusses me out or attacks me for it... and I LOVE THAT! No one is getting on a higher horse than me and saying that I have a some weird political motivation or I am jealous. Who can ask for anything more really?

I think the best analogy for this whole change is the difference between being stuck hanging out with people at your job and meeting people when you are out having fun socially.

So I can honestly say that I am glad I took the plunge and moved on in my blogging life. I just feel so liberated, and all of you out there... you bring out the best in me and I thank you all. I am also going to give an especially sincere thanks to an awesome and amazing regular reader who allowed me to get passed a few things and to basically have that George Bailey moment I so desperately needed to have.


Mr. Fabulous said...

I feel so close to you right now. Correct me if I am wrong, but I feel there is this whole Up-With-People-Walton-Mountain-at-Christmas=time vibe on your blog today.

Nice post, man.

Be good, fly low, stay cool.

Angry said...


You're CANADIAN...!!!

Okay that's it, I'm outa here...

Nah not really, but it does expalin a lot...

snackiepoo said...

OMFG - you are Canadian? I cannot read this blog any damned more ;). Ok who seriously should care if you are Canadian or not? Geez, yeah cause that tells me all about you ;).

Very nice post....I appreciate having found you through Karl and like you, feel that the blogging community we are a part of, in general, is a great warm and fuzzy place.

(knock on wood that I don't get hate mail today, hah!)

Karl said...

Awwww, dude, I love you too. Really glad I found you.

MC said...

Mr. Fab: Yeah, I am just beaming sunshine... of course, it is popping out of the one place you would least suspect.

Angry: Yep... I am a Canuck. Judge me as you will.

Snackie: You know that phenomenon where you can say horrible things about your family or World of Warcraft and it is ok, but if someone who isn't on the inside of that does, you turn against them rather spiritedly.

It was sort of like that. A Canadian commenting on American politics in the run up and aftermath of the 2004 election cycle... yikes. I saw some people get gang-tackled, and it wasn't pretty.

MC said...

Karl, you slipped in their silently didn't you.

And the feeling it mutual dude, feeling is so mutual.

To the free flow of ideas and opinions without recriminations! Hurrah!

D. Prince said...

I too am happy I found your site and my blog just wouldn't be the same without your witty comments. They make my day.

MC said...

Well, you give me a lot of good stuff to work with. I mean, I think I've commented at your blog the most.