Thursday, July 13, 2006

From a Whirling Dervish of Vengeance to a Woman of Steel

When I first heard the title My Super Ex-Girlfriend, I thought that it was going to be some weird arthouse movie about a 20-somethings that had dated in the past, were really good friends now and would either get married or become disillusioned with each other by the end of the tale.

But then I saw that it was an Uma Thurman/Luke Wilson vehicle directed by Ivan Reitman, and that changed everything... including the meaning of the title.

Basically, if you haven't heard about this movie, Uma Thurman is a superheroine whose alter-ego was wooed by Luke Wilson, but things just don't work out and he breaks up with her and soon discovers that his previously possessive ex is extraordinarily capable of wreaking havoc on him. An enraged and wronged Uma Thurman after an ex that done her wrong in a movie that results in destruction all around.... why does that sound both so familiar and so good?

Now, I really like this concept, although the more generalized premise, that of an average slob and his relationship problems with a woman who was supernaturally powerful has been done before, but I do like this angle. Especially in these days of massive superhero movies, it is good to see a film with a bit more of a lighter touch about this subject, Mystery Men not withstanding.

And if anyone saw Last Comic Standing this week, jokes about breaking up with a Superhero helped propel a comic into the final, so it truly is a concept whose time has come.

I look forward to actually seeing this film when it opens next Friday. Perhaps I will be disappointed, but hopefully not.


DutchBitch said...

It sounds like the Per-Fect movie to me! Uma rules!

Anomie-Atlanta said...

MC - You forgot to acknowledge that most women are supernaturally powerful. :)

MC said...

Dutchy: I wonder how much from her breakup with Ethan Hawke she brought to that role... because if she was a method actor, that would be gold, pure gold.

AA: Yes, I will say it. Women are divine.