Friday, July 07, 2006

Another Warped cartoon vision: Comic Strip

I was getting some credits at BlogMad and I happened to run into another fabulously warped comic... the self-explanatory Comic Strip. It has a looney and eclectic cast of characters, a vety wicked sense of humor and at times, a nice pastel color palette. A new rule for me is any comic with a psychotic zombie chicken has to be gold, and it already follows the rules of the talking bear postulate.

For instance, I really took a shine to "Winners Don't Use Books", and who hasn't thought something like this when they've been to certain kinds of doctors. And this has to be the best sex advice for teens EVER!

If they made a t-shirt for Easter saying "Zombie Jesus is BACK! AND HE IS BRINGING ME CANDY!" I would so buy it.

So check out... I highly recommend Jason Pultz's work.


BiBi Cambridge said...

How do you find BlogMad? I can't seem to get to grips with the way it works and found BE much better. It's how I found you after all...

BiBi x

Nancyrowina said...

I love that site, I have a comic strip from there on my blog, it's called Scary Bear not comic strip by the way.

The homicidal Mac and the dead eyed chicken have to be my favourite characters.


MC said...

Bibi: I like what BE offers better myself... mainly because it doesn't run through your credits like a gambling addict at a slot machine. The only thing I don't like about BE is the surf ratio(2:1).

Nancy: I called it that because the cast page said: JASON PULTZ - Creator of COMIC STRIP and all the banners said Comic Strip as well.

Good Old Mac... he is quite the character indeed.