Thursday, June 22, 2006

Trendspotting vs. Myspace

I was looking for a video of the Daily Show's coverage of the Senate hearings on video games on YouTube this morning and I found something that was just hilarious that I had never seen before. (as a sidenote, the videos they put together for congressional hearings is similar to watching Scarface like this.

It was a segment called Trendspotting, and the correspondent named Demetri Martin took a long, loving look at Myspace. And the sad thing is, everything he says is true in some way.

It is a good bit, and worth watching, especially if you are on myspace, or people there were stealing bandwidth from you. Enjoy.


Anomie-Atlanta said...

Hey MC! Read my post on "My Space and the fountain of youth", I think it is in the May archives on my site.

Wendy said...

That was so funny. God I HATE MySpace. Them and all of their image theft. Ugh.

jromer said...

I just finished reading some of your blog and you're hilarious! Thanks!

The Newsbitch said...

LOL - Thanks for that, it was hilarious! Great blog, by the way!

Jeremy Barker said...

The Trendspotting pieces are great and I hope to see more of them. Marketers deserve the Daily Show treatment and are likely the only group more willing to be taunted in person than politicians.

Angry said...

I'm in Aus and cancelled my cable TV subscription a year ago and the Daily Show is one of the few shows I still miss seeing.


MC said...

Anomie: I did and I commented ;)

Wendy: Your case is exactly why I mentioned it. The reason I didn't link to your epic struggle is because I didn't want the Myspace kids to find you again to keep ripping you off.

jromer: Thank you for the compliment.

the newsbitch: Thank you so much. I love the design of your site as well.

Jeremy: Well, I think comedians are pretty receptive to that treatment, though maybe not more deserving than marketing people, its true.

Angry: Good to see you comment angry. I saw you had me linked for a while now, and I appreciate that.