Friday, June 23, 2006

Futurama to return with Brand New Episodes

Yes, I am not lying, and I am not misinterpreting the fact that they are making 4 direct-to-video movies based around the life of Philip J. Fry and friends in the far flung future.

Comedy Central, along with the cast and most importantly, Matt Groening, have decided to get together to put together at least 13 new episodes for air on the cable network. So there will be more Zoidberg and Bender for everyone, along with some more Morbo and Scruffy and Kif. (oh my!)


So that means we get to see more cutting edge satire aimed at our own popular culture and at the conventions of science fiction. It is a great day to be a fan of animated comedy. And as another Groening character would say, WOOHOO!

I missed the show ever since it went off the air, and I am waiting intently to see if the old gang can recapture the magic it once had. Hopefully there won't be that lag that grabbed ahold of Family Guy when it first arrived back on television.


Jeremy Barker said...

We love you Bender, and he knows it. That's great news and apropros as I've been leaving Futurama comments all over people's blogs today. I must post about this, but far too sleepy now. Thanks for the heads up.

Jen said...

it's about time
You gotta love Bender!!

Bite my shiny metal ass

MC said...

Jeremy: I think Bender and the gang basically introduced the concept of the scammer bot to North America's conception of robotics. And that means that when the robots take over in about 25 years, our overlords will be a lot more like us.

Jen: I guess the folks at Comedy Central were flipping a coin for years, while I don't like the fact that it took this long for it to come about, I can't stay mad at what is essentially me. I love me!

The Newsbitch said...

It's coming back?! YES! I've seen all of the episodes now here in the UK, and it'll be nice to get some more. Seriously, I'm hooked on that show.

Thanks for that announcement - I'm happy now :)

MC said...

Well, watch out for the direct to DVD movies as well... so you get double happiness so to speak.