Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Julia Roberts: Criminal

Well, according to a lot of media sources, Julia Roberts is a criminal type who can't be trusted. Why do you ask?

So what did she do to generate all this ire? Did she drive with a baby on her lap? Did she urinate on an underaged girl? Did she just bug out of the country after getting a large paycheck? Did she run over a meter maid who was trying to give her a ticket?


She wore a dress she had worn to another premiere 7 years earlier.

That heartless bitch!

How dare she wear a piece of clothing a second time! I mean, that just makes all that other stuff look like childish acts of indiscretion. How dare she reuse something expensive. I mean, what sort of message is that sending to children out there... that it is ok to not wear a piece of clothing once and then discard it?

Who will think of those poor kids in the sweatshops of the third world who need people to buy more clothes so they can keep on working? How could she be so thoughtless?

And what's more, how could the news media not talk about this story more. It is an important story, and people need to know that someone they pay to entertain them is sullying everything America stands for by for once not engaging in conspicuous consumption. That is traitorous, it is! I can already hear people calling for a boycott. I mean, it is the only thing to do really. That way, she'll know that we will not stand for someone wearing the same piece of clothing twice. EVER!

Now I know that fashion isn't really my beat, *cough*greentartanplaid*cough*, but this crime must be punished. I mean, if we don't stop it now, the fashion industry could come to a standstill, as celebrities will just keep wearing the same stuff they have now, and then no one will buy the knockoffs and copies. That would mean disposable incomes everywhere would just keep rising and rising with no end in sight and no one wants that. I mean, do you?


DutchBitch said...

I never wear a-ny-thing twice!!! In weekends that is mostly because I lose the stuff in an alcohol blur... I think...

D. Prince said...

I read about this and thought it was absolutely stupid. It actually made me like her a TINY bit. If I really like something I have to make a conscience effort not to wear it everyday. not If I were a celebrity I'd be considered a total freak because there's just no way I wouldn't repeat outfits. That's just crazy.

Great post as usual

MC said...

My dear landlady: Well, maybe you are better off without them then.

Ms. Prince: Thank you so much(he says as he looks at his closet full of books and movies but alas, not so many clothes).

TJ said...

Those crazy celebrities. What will they do next? Eat out at the same restaraunt twice? Its madness I say! Madness!

theothermichelle said...

Hey, thanks for the comment. I wrote back to you on my blog.

Julia Roberts repeated an outfit that probably cost like $30,000?? That is SO white trash!

Jeremy Barker said...

I can forgive her this transgression, as long as she pulled up in a stretch Hummer. If it was a Prius she's out of the A-list.

MC said...

A stretch hummer... I think it needs to be a Sherman tank or something larger and less fuel-efficient than a stretch hummer.

I know, she can pull up on a SUX 6000 :)

Bluesky_Liz said...

I just take news like that as if it comes from a different dimension.

MC said...

It does... it is Dimension X... the realm of the slow news day.

Attila The Mom said...

Good Lord, it must have been a slow news day!

And what does it say about the people who keep track of that stuff?


Came through Dutchy's links. Love your blog!

MC said...

I think the only reason they were able to put two and two together on this so fast was the last time she wore that particular dress, she hadn't shaved her armpits(or so the story goes).

If not for that, it probably would have taken them an additional 24 hours to solve this horrible crime against fashion.