Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Last 24 Hours for Karolczak.com's rental

It seems like just yesterday when you got here, and I am sorry to see you so close to leaving Jason.

I have enjoyed hosting you and I hope you keep coming back now, you here.

That being said, if you aren't Jason, why don't you visit his blog and sit a spell.


Jason said...

Thanks for having me MC. I'd like to make a note to future renters here at Culture kills... wait, I mean cutlery, that MC's rental stats may look a little low, I apparently only had 4 unique visitors, however my stats package says differently. I've had over 30 unique visitors coming from MC's site during this week. Now, what's the difference you might ask? It's quite simple actually. MC linked to several entries on my site directly rather than using the BE rental URL. This causes those click to not register in BE.

I guess the moral of the story is you should rent here, even if the stats look low, because of how MC links to your blog.

MC said...

I may quote you on that.

Becki said...

It is hard to see our lil roommates leave espacailly when it is so much fun reading them..

MC said...

Well, like baby birds and children, eventually they have to leave the nest. But you almost aways keep in touch :)

MC said...

I fear that my posts are making me a victim of my own success. Only one bidder for my current price... DOH!