Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My American Idol: Last Comic Standing

While I don't respond to American Idol(mainly because I dislike the music that makes up the majority of the selections on the show), I can really get behind another show that has a similar format. Granted they have disappointed me in the past by fixing some results and NBC's cancellation the show with one episode left in its third season, but I have to tell you that stand-up comedy is my bread and butter.

Hopefully I'll see some good comedy this year... but I am not holding my breath. I laughed during the premiere episode, but no one really stood out for me (and having seen Nikki Payne in the past, that is saying something, because she is pretty good).

I just don't know if there is enough talent in the current pool to make it as viable a show this year as it was the past two "real" seasons.

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