Saturday, May 13, 2006

I am the Patron Saint of Short-lived Cartoon series

It seems that whenever I like a cartoon that is more geared to adults, it never lasts. I know a lot of people say that get series cancelled by liking them, but my track record speaks for itself.

Mission Hill- Axed after 2 episodes(with four more summer episodes)
The Oblongs- 8 Episodes(13 filmed)
Clerks- 2 episodes and then gone
Downtown/Undergrads/Clone High: one season only

Now some of these shows have DVD sets, and some of them don't, (Damn you MTV! I want my Daria), but all of them were loved and appreciated by some people, and in retrospect, I just feel sad that I may never see some of these shows again.

I am the person to blame for the demise of Futurama, because I started to like it way too much. I just feel glad I didn't whammy the Simpsons and King of the Hill early on.

It is like I smell doom on series and in some masochistic way, watch them so I can be disappointed when they are cancelled/not renewed. In any other television genre, I usually end up watching the series that end up having legs. But cartoons are a different beast entirely. Is there something about my tastes which mean cancellation for most animated series. Does that mean that Drawn Together is the next to go? I sure hope not, but I will love it on DVD just the same. And there will always be South Park... because if Tom Cruise and the Scientologists could kill it, I don't think I can.

And I will not take credit for the killing of Family Dog, Capital Critters or Father of the Pride. I just can't. But I know someone out there loved those series too, it just wasn't me.

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