Sunday, July 14, 2013

Steam Summer Sale 2013 Day 4

Onward to day 4.

Today's theme is Sunny Space from Kerbal Space Program

Daily Deals

Kerbal Space Program 40% off (13.79) This is another one of those games that is in beta. In this one, you have to build a functional space craft to send cute alien like creatures into space. It seems like a great concept, and it is definitely a game I am keeping my eye on.

The Sims 3 50% off (14.99) I think this is as low as it is going to go on Steam. It has been cheaper on Gamersgate in the past, but that was the Origin version. And it isn't really the base game that they are getting you with... there is over 200 dollars with of DLC for this title too.

Sanctum 2 50% off (7.49) I liked the first game, and the combination of tower defense and FPS elements is a good one. I think I will wait to see some more of the DLC before I buy it though since the season pass isn't on sale this time out.

Portal 2 75% off (4.99) It is a quality Valve game. I think that is all I have to say really.

Eador Master of the Broken World 40% off (11.99) I heard that this is really buggy. I don't know how stable it is these days, so keep that in mind. That being said, it is supposed to be a really hardcore turn-based strategy game, so even with the potential instability, it may still be up your alley.

Hitman Absolution 75% off (6.24) I liked the earlier Hitman games because they allowed a lot of situational creativity, something which this episode of the series has lost. It is a decent price though.

Fallout New Vegas 75% off (2.49) I really enjoy the Bethesda open world RPGs, and at 5 dollars for the Ultimate Edition of this game, I think you would likely have a lot of fun with this too.

Arma II 66% off (4.41) This is an amazing price for this game. I think the reason the price has come down so much is due to the fact that the DayZ standalone release is coming soon as well as the full sequel. This is a very realistic shooter in the same vein as the early Operation Flashpoint games, and it has a huge modding community. In related news, I have to mention that Bohemia Interactive, the company that is behind this game, was hacked recently and user data was compromised, so that is something which may negatively affect your decision to get this game.

Shogun 2 Total War 75% off (7.49) I think I liked the first game better, but this is still a quality tactical battle/turn based strategy game. I will recommend it, though I wonder if the price will come down further when the new Total War game comes out.

Remember Me 40% off (29.99) A game that had a lot of promise, but didn't really deliver. Looking at the scores, it also looks like the PC version was especially underwhelming. I'd wait.

Flash Deals

Round 1 1PM-9PM

NBA 2K13 75% off (7.49) I really enjoyed playing this game earlier this year. It had a few bugs, but it was a very solid experience. I would recommend this if you like basketball games.

Ace Combat Assault Horizon 70% off (8.99) I love the Ace Combat series so much, but I've heard that there were changes made to the core formula of the series and this entry doesn't play like the old ones. That along with the use of GFWL makes this a reluctant pass for me.

Doom 3 BFG Edition 75% off  (4.99) Apparently the original release of Doom 3 on PC is a lot better than this remastered version. I wouldn't recommend this one.

Impire 75% off (4.99) DO NOT BUY THIS. Bad game alert.

Round 2 9PM-5AM

Poker Night at the Inventory 2 50% off (2.49) The first one was ok, and I love the fact that they got Patrick Warburton to be Brock Samson for this game, so if you like the characters (even a non-Bruce Campbell Ash), you may enjoy playing this game.

Spec Ops The Line 75% off (7.49) A war story with a decent shooter mechanic. If you pick this up, you'd be doing it more for the story than anything. That being said, it has been cheaper than this in a bundle with Darkness II at both Amazon and Gamefly.

The Swapper 50% off (7.49) This is a sci-fi platform puzzle game with cloning. It looks pretty good truth be told.

Trackmania 2 Canyon 50% off (9.99) I liked Trackmania United, but I don't know how much better this iteration of the game is. And remember, there is still a free version of the first game on Steam called Trackmania Nations Forever.

Round 3 5AM-1PM

Mass Effect 2 70% off (5.99) I love Mass Effect 2. Love it. However, if you want to have the best experience with this game, you need at least some of the DLC and that is how you get screwed since you have to buy it from Bioware at full price (which costs 5 times more than the base game does).

PES 2013 66% off (13.59) OK, the weird thing with this one seems to be the phrase "partial controller support" which shouldn't even be used for a game that is a port of a console game. I don't know if I am being weird here, but shouldn't any game that comes from a console that is not a shooter have full controller support, or is that just me. I also don't know if PES is still having some licensing issues, meaning that there are fake team names in particular leagues because FIFA has them. 

Testament of Sherlock Holmes 75% off (9.99) It is a decent point and click adventure game, and seeing as that genre doesn't have as many recent entries as it used to, if that is your kind of game, you may really enjoy this.

Trine 2 Complete Story 80% off (3.99) It is the sequel to the successful platforming puzzle game Trine (a game which I started but never finished). I heard it is more of the same, but if you liked the first one, you probably already own the sequel.


My Steam Summer Sale Running Total: $85.78 - Euro Truck Simulator 2, Scribblenauts Unlimited and RPG Maker VX Ace and the addons, 11 Summer Sale card earned.

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