Saturday, July 20, 2013

Steam Summer Sale 2013 Day 10

Well, it has been a long road, and we are nearing the end. 10 days of reporting on this sale, and we only have 1 more left.

But the past 10 days have also been a learning experience for me.

For instance, maybe I shouldn't have almost exclusively written about this Steam Sale for 10 days. It is a mistake I am not going to repeat.

And speaking of repeats, tomorrow outside of a rare item in the Flash sales is likely going to be 100% repeated stuff, so depending on what pops up as dailies, I may highlight some items which are on sale tomorrow that didn't get the spotlight. 

Today's theme (and final one) is Prison Architect.

Daily Deals

Prison Architect 34% off (19.79) Another game that is in alpha. But I've been reading about this thing for months too, so it has a good buzz going.

KOTOR II 66% off (3.39) It has been at a lower price.

Assassin's Creed III 40% off (23.99) I am still wary about that price.

Omerta City of Gangsters 75% off (9.99) I've heard very bad things about this.

Starforge Alpha 50% off (9.99) This is as the title suggests an alpha build of a game, one that looks like a Minecraft kind of game with better graphics. If that is your thing, have at you (and the normal price is half the price the final game is going to cost, so technically, it is 75% off the finished price).

Worms Revolution 75% off (3.74) I saw a 3D Worms game being played in a versus video for Rooster Teeth... and it piqued my interest. It is a definite maybe for me.

Natural Selection II 75% off (6.24) I've heard really good things about this game. It is like a blend of an RTS and a first person shooter, which sounds very intriguing.

Saints Row The Third 75% off (4.99) Just pure open world craziness. I love it. Love it. It made me love urban open world games all over again. Buy the version with all the DLC though... it adds a lot of content.

Counter-Strike GO 66% off (5.09) Counter-Strike isn't my game. But it is a good price.

Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed 75% off (7.49) I've heard a lot of great things about this kart racing type game, and I almost bought it at this price point

Flash Sales

Round 1 1PM-9PM

Deadpool 33% off (26.79) A game that just came out, and has mixed reviews with no really good ones. I'd wait.

Zeno Clash II 50% off (9.99) A unique little fighting experience, again with mixed reviews, but this one has some really good and a few really bad ones. Be cautious.

Sword of the Stars: The Pit 75% off (2.50) I sold myself on this game in doing this write up. It is a top down, space-based roguelike, and it has some decent reviews. I am probably going to pay full price for the DLC too. It just looks pretty cool to me.

Strike Suit Zero 85% off (2.99) I can't run this space-based third person shooter at its recommended specs, it has a bad story and a number of other issues. And yet, I am probably going to buy it.

Round 2 9PM-5PM

Final Fantasy VII 33% off (8.03) I know people love this game. I am not one of them. However, this rerelease came out this week, so this is a good discount.

Payday the Heist 75% off (4.99) A first person bank robbery game, designed for coop.

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition 33% off (20.09) This too just came out recently, and it is a game the brings together almost everyone from the history of the series into one game.

Transformers Fall of Cybertron 66% off (20.39) That is a hefty chunk of change for a game that came out last year.

Round 3 5AM-1PM

Repeats of Max Payne 3, Terraria, Sleeping Dogs and Dark Souls.

My Steam Summer Sale Running Total: $92.75 - Euro Truck Simulator 2, Scribblenauts Unlimited, RPG Maker VX Ace and the addons, To the Moon and Deadlight, 18 Summer Sale card earned, 3 sold, 2 bought, 3 traded, 2 badges made and a Football Manager Summer Sale background bought for 3 cents. 

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