Saturday, July 27, 2013

Phil Fish Cancels Fez II

Phil Fish, the designer behind the acclaimed indie game Fez who also got a lot of exposure from being one of the subjects of Indie Game: The Movie, apparently had a busy day today.

You see, he got into a war of words with a guy who makes videos for Gametrailers under the moniker the Annoyed Gamer, and after some further acting out between the two of them and some others, Fish decided to cancel development of Fez II and lock his Twitter feed so that only people who were already following him could read it.

But in the reporting, pictures of some of his earlier tweets were posted and I noticed something interesting.

He uses Andy Kaufman as his twitter avatar. And I can't help but to think back on the life of Andy Kaufman and to all the blowups he had which made his reputation, almost all of which were well-crafted acts of performance art.

There is one arc that particularly interests me, which was Andy Kaufman vs Jerry Lawler.It feels very familiar.

Of course, I am not the first person to make this observation.

I wouldn't be surprised if the special edition of Indie Game: The Movie being released a few days ago had something to do with Phil Fish's current behavior, since people talking about him not only gets press for his game, but for the documentary as well.

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