Thursday, February 16, 2012

Midweek Video: The Death And Return Of Superman

Max Landis breaks down how the 1992 death and return of Superman changed comics for the worst.

I hadn't thought about the premise, but it does seem to hold water.


Semaj said...

I loved the video, but I disagree with it last part. The Death of Superman got me into comic books and I started reading them after that. (Plus, there was the Knightquest storyline in Batman, which I thought was better than the Superman one)

While it was a marketing ploy, it got people to talk about comics more. And, there was no way they could have killed him off for good.

And, he was right on the money with the GL storyline that spawned out of the Return of Superman.

I also liked the characters of Steel and Superboy that came out of the return storyline.

MC said...

No, the point that I was agreeing with was aside from Phoenix, Superman was the catalyst for other comics killing their heroes and bringing them back with no consequences.

Semaj said...

Yeah, I can agree with that. I am not sure which company does it more.

They even brought back the big one Jason Todd, who stayed dead for a very long time.