Tuesday, October 04, 2011

So The Simpsons May Be Coming To A Close Soon

Apparently there is a rumor going around Hollywood that Fox may be considering cancelling The Simpsons, a show which has been on for so long, there is a generation of college kids who have never lived in a world without it.

But it isn't ratings or the quality of the show which may bring this chapter of American television to a close. No, it is simply a matter of money.

You see, the contracts of the voice cast are expiring and Fox wants them to take a large pay cut. The cast is willing to take a slightly smaller pay cut, but apparently they want a percentage of ancillary profits, meaning they'd get paid for every DVD, syndication sale and merchandise that is related to The Simpsons, which to me at least, seems entirely fair, but which Fox seemingly does not.

Personally, the way I thought The Simpsons was going to end was the death/firing/departure of one of the major voice actors and the others, including Groening deciding that without that member, the show should not and could not continue.

But in all honesty, I think the threat of cancelling the series is just that, an empty threat. The series still has better ratings than American Dad and The Cleveland Show, so to cancel it over a little money seems silly to say the least.

I think in the end, this is going to be merely a bump on the road in their contract negotiation. The numbers have gotten softer, prompting the request for lower salaries, but I don't think they are soft enough to merit cancellation.


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Way to go FOX. I think that the show that built your network, the show that is the cornerstone of your success and they NICKLE AND DIME genius?

You only complain about a show that you love. We will miss it if it goes. I wish people would write to that stupid network and make them crazy and end up having to pay the voice actors TWICE what they have...plus a cut of the merchandising.

F-you FOX

MC said...

The newest installment of this story comes to us from Harry Shearer, whose representative said he was willing to take up to a 70% pay cut just to have profit participation... and Fox said NO.