Monday, October 03, 2011

The Paparazzi Should Be Chasing New Targets

It never really occured to me to think about it this way: basically we have an army of people chasing other people around when they are off work. I mean, they are chasing entertainers, people who jape and strut for our amusement when they are working.

I've been of the opinion that if someone is following you around with a camera all the time and you happened to punch them, that is justified since they are technically harassing you and you are defending yourself.

Do you know what I think of when the image of people being unwillingly pursued by reporters and cameramen when they aren't currently at work?

I think of news stories about corporate presidents and CEO's who had defrauded or harmed a great number of people with their products, corrupt politicians who lined their own pockets at the expense of their constituents, and even on a local level, contractors and the like who have left their honest customers in the lurch. And in every case, they do not want to discuss the matter with a member of the media, so the journalist crafting the story goes to their place of business and usually chases them to their car, asking them questions that their target will not answer.

And I am just thinking... how much different the world might be if those people spending their lives laying in the gutter trying to get upskirt shots of young female celebrities and chasing them down the street were doing that to people who really deserve that kind of attention... the kind of people investigative reporters used to harass and expose: the corrupt, the criminal and the incompetent.

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