Thursday, August 04, 2011

I Might Start Podcasting Again

This week, I was listening to MP3's on my computer, when I heard a song I don't ever remember hearing before. It turned out it was something I had downloaded sometime between the end of 2005 and 2006 based on the folder it was in.

However, where I had gotten it was bugging me, since it was clearly a song I had gotten from a site which featured it in a promotional sense... I took a look around a bunch of sites, including a few which were the ones I had gotten the music for my podcasts from.

And after being elbow deep in so much music, I've come to a decision... I may be starting up that old podcast again.

I am not making any promises here, but it could very well be in the cards. Of course, if I do this, I will likely be editing a lot less, so I am going to sound a lot dorkier than I did on the first batch. Less editing means it is easier and less stressful, so I am more likely to keep up with it.

And I actually have a computer which is capable of going on iTunes now, so I can actually submit them the proper way.


Semaj said...

please do, I enjoyed listening to those Podcast. I never understood why you stopped. And, your appearances on movie podcasts are great

MC said...

They were really time consuming to put together because I really cut my down my own segments so they were a lot tighter. I am hoping that by being less anal about things, I can get them done faster.