Friday, August 05, 2011

Culture Kills Jokes About Brett Ratner Producing The Oscars

-I guess Bryan Singer was going to do it, but he decided to work on the Emmys instead

-I hear they are going to lock the doors after the show starts and just film celebrities trying to get out. Luckily, Angelina Jolie had a map of the theatre tattooed on her back

-If Jodie Foster is nominated for an award, she is going to be played by Julianne Moore

-Do you hear that sound? I think it is Chris Tucker begging Ratner for the chance to host the show

-Did you hear that the memorials are going to be cut together to Madonna's Beautiful Stranger?

-I guess the closest Ratner is ever going to get to an Oscar is producing this show

-I look forward to the hour long fight between Jackie Chan and the English language

-I guess if Peter Jackson can get to the Oscars after Meet The Feebles, then Brett Ratner can produce them after Santa's Slay. Now, will someone tell Goldberg to stop twisting my arm.


Semaj said...

Love the X-Men and Prison Break jokes.

Jodie Foster/Moore one is correct. It would have worked with Foster being played by Edward Norton too. (Red Dragon)

MC said...

My favorite joke was the fight between Jackie Chan and the English language.