Saturday, June 04, 2011

Why Are Golden Retrievers On Everything?

Has anyone else noticed that on dog food and other related products, the Golden Retriever seems to be the go-to breed, like they are the idealized version of what a dog is.

I am not saying they are on everything, but it seems like it is on a majority of items dog related.

When you look at cat related products, it seems there are a greater variety of felines on their packaging than the stuff for their canine compatriots.

I wonder at what point the golden retriever took on this mantle of being the load bearing animal for dog products everywhere, especially since there are so many breeds out there that would look great on a label.

I mean, there are so many different breeds out there, representing so many different sizes, colors and fur types, how did one breed come to epitomize an entire species?

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Semaj said...

Looking up some info on the Golden Retriever, they are the 4th popular dog breed in the US. 5th in Australia and 8th in the UK. So, there are popular dogs.

As far a movies and marketing I guess they are more well-behaved than other breeds.

But, there is more focus on GRs more than any other dog.