Thursday, June 02, 2011

Fear Factor Is Coming Back?

I was thinking it was strange that the ever-disgusting Fear Factor was no longer on television given the success of shows like Wipeout which, aside from the gross eating, basically cover the same ground with differing levels of gravitus.

Well, I guess someone in Hollywood was thinking the same thing as it seems that the reruns of the series have been doing well on cable, so NBC is going to be bringing it back.

But Joe Rogan is not going to be involved as the producers want a fresh host for the series. Part of me thinks it would be nice for him to get some money out of the deal... maybe on the producing side of things, but that might just be me.

While I won't be watching it (since I am still boycotting the network because of what happened to Conan O'Brien), it is weird that something I thought about in passing last week is coming to fruition.

Maybe I will think about Dead Like Me in passing this week and see what happens.

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