Tuesday, June 07, 2011

That Is A Great Critical Burn Re: The Hangover 2

“So Mike Tyson’s tattoo artist tried to stop the worldwide distribution of The Hangover Part II, based on the premise that the filmmakers had stolen his Maori-inspired design and stuck it on Ed Helms’ face. I guess that wasn’t much of a legal case, which is too bad, because as it turns out the guy was accidentally trying to perform a public service. Maybe he should have tried the argument that the movie sucks so bad that if anyone, anywhere, thinks he had anything to do with it that amounts to defamation of character.” — Andrew O’Hehir from Salon


Arjan said...

I only just saw #1 and had a good laugh. I'm easy like that.

MC said...

Oh, I am not ripping on the first movie... but the sequel looks like a complete retread of the original.