Saturday, March 19, 2011

Week 44: Pageant of the Transmundane

An Toledo, Ohio city councilman is getting some heat for tapping a maple tree on his front lawn and draining enough sap to make 2 gallons of maple syrup. The reason? The tree was technically on city property and thus, he needed permission to do so. Of all the things a politician can tap, a maple tree is likely the least offensive thing possible.

Anyway, this week's winning entry comes to us from urlesque.

In this case, it is a group of 20 pictures of Sad Etsy Boyfriends. It is funnier than those three words might indicate.

And since this has to do with poor schlubs wearing hats they didn't look comfortable in, I thought Homer looking rasta in a knit cap was the most appropriate image for this week's winner.

Congrats Cole. Here is your badge.

The rules of this little contest: Every week I will be selecting one blog post that I have seen from the vast reaches of the blogging village to bestow with the Homer Simpson Transmundanity Award for being one of the freakiest(in a funny way) things I've seen or read during a 7 day period. It doesn't necessarily have to have been written during the week, I just had to have encountered it. That means that if you find something interesting and repost it like a movie or whatever, if I saw it at your blog first, you get the prize. Of course, creating your own content is also a very good way to win.

This is not a meme. This is an award that I give out, and thus, I am not "tagging" you.

Now, if you see a post that you think is worthy of this illustrious prize, just drop me a line at and we'll see if we can't get your suggestion up and award-ready while giving you some credit and a link to your own blog.

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