Friday, March 18, 2011

Glee's Ryan Murphy Needs To Wise Up

If Glee's Ryan Murphy has been making a habit of ripping on artists who don't want their music on that show, then he should be shunned by the music community as a whole.

Disappointment that an artist didn't want to be part of your creative vision (especially when they are initially polite about it) is not an excuse to say bad things about them publicly.

I mean, for all he knows, at some point, they could've changed their mind. But those artists will absolutely not allow their music to be on that show now, and a few more who may have considered it will likely never allow it either.

Plus it makes his look like a petty little dick too.

Good on Dave Grohl for pre-emptively ripping on him.

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Lee Sargent said...

I hadn't heard any of this.

I stopped watching the show at the beginning of season 2 when the show became a lot less about interweaving cleverly chosen songs into stories about outcasts at a high school and more about recreating music videos and pushing cover songs.

Personally my recommendation would be focus a little more on quality storylines and approach musicians with respect and decent reasons why their song matters to the show.

Bravo to everyone who is reacting badly to this tantrum and shame on everyone else who are lining up around the block to get their songs on the show just to move a few units.

Have some respect Mr Pigeon.

Also Slash??

Dude is a rock legend.