Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Robert Zemeckis Remake Rejected: Fans of Good Cinema Rejoice

A recent story linked the failure of Mars Needs Moms to the cancellation of Robert Zemeckis's Yellow Submarine at Disney, and I think he should look at this philosophically.

You know, maybe he should take this opportunity to step back from the motion capture and, I don't know, direct a live action movie?

After all, it is something you haven't done in a very long time... it has been over a decade. Maybe he'll find that he actually still likes it.

He made some of the most iconic movies of the 1980's and 1990's... you'd think he'd want to explore some more of the territory around that, because there are so many ideas floating around for live action movies that he could put his touch on.

Even a non-motion captured sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit? would go over well these days.

I think the underlying message here, one that fellow blogger Samuraifrog has been vocal about for a while is, Zemeckis has to stop making these motion capture movies.

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Lazarus Lupin said...

The Z man isn't going to give this up on his own. Like someone dating a skank, everyone around him sees skank but he himself is blind. It will take the PTB to pull his plug and I'm betting they'll give him one more just not Yellow Submarine.

Lazarus Lupin
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