Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Lady Gaga Wants To Own Her Concert Photos

Lady Gaga has come up with a new scheme which I am sure is going to have the effect she wants.

If you are a photographer at one of her shows, she wants you to sign a release stating that your pictures will belong to her.

She likely wants to either control her image or own these images to make a profit on them. Either way, the whole idea seems rather counterproductive to me, because she sort of needs those people to push her image out into the wider world.

Because in my mind, photographs at a public event are almost always above board, while I have a lot of ill-will towards those who go after celebrities when they are just trying to live their lives outside of the immediate spotlight of

So I can think of a solution which should nip this in the bud. The public at large can just decide to ignore Lady Gaga and without attention, she will shrivel up and disappear. And this will start with the photographers. They should refuse to take pictures of her or film her whenever they see her... make it a point not to give her any coverage.

But the thing is, she only wants smaller publications and less established photographers to sign that particular release, which means she might just be able to get away with it, just like she got away with ripping off Madonna again and again.

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