Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Creepy Ad Similarity?

Am I the only one who thinks that the commercials for Ancestry.com are getting suspiciously close to... I don't know... ads for dating sites?

I mean, there is the same kind of feeling and set up to a lot of eHarmony commercials. It is sort of weird when you think about it.

I wonder if the same ad agency sold ancestory.com and eharmony on the same pitch. I wouldn't doubt it.

Just creepy once you notice it... like these people are talking about getting matched with their ancestors.


Semaj said...

Yeah, I bet they even used the same CD, but a different track, for the background music.

It has to be directed by the same agency

Tracey said...

Yeah that's so wrong. They do seem to have a similar look and feel ... ick!!