Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ukrainian Style Frankenfoods: I Must Consume

Speaking of fast food, there is a takeout restaurant in my area which serves Ukrainian Nachos.

I have not eaten this delicacy, but apparently it is a traditional nacho plate served with pan-fried perogies rather than nacho chips.

And then I started thinking... since this is Canada, if there was any restaurant anywhere in the country that ever thought to make a Ukrainian Poutine?

So that would be Poutine (which, for those not in the know, is a French-Canadian dish composed of fries served with a rich brown gravy and melted cheese curds) with pan-fried perogies instead of the fries.

The rational part of my brain is turned off by all that fat and cheese and gravy... but my primitive lizard brain is causing my mouth to salivate.

Perhaps there will be a day this week when I play a little bit in the food lab.


Kal said...

OOOOO Perogy nachos. That sounds like heaven on a plate. Nothing better than fried perogies.

MC said...

And you likely live somewhere where you could get the quality stuff too.

Kal said...

You have no idea. My Mother belongs to a Ukrainian Catholic church where she and the rest of the old Babas make the pergoies by hand and hold a supper every month. Yeh. That is like being a cocaine addict and living in Columbia where your Dad is a narcoterrorist.